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  About Silly Willy




                       Silly Willy the Clown!                      


Silly Willy the Clown is a dedicated full-time performer that has been charming the hearts of children for over a decade. His cartoonish character and unique brand of silliness have kept families calling back year after year for more.

Be prepared...yes, be very prepared to sit back and relax while Silly Willy takes over the show and makes your party a HUGE hit! His performance is packed with so much fun and excitement that there won't be a dull moment to be found. Parents are simply amazed at his ability to keep the children's attention, as well as granny's, throughout the entire show.

Silly Willy's performance kicks off with a comedy magic show filled with loads of participation from the audience. All of the magic is age appropriate and is guaranteed to get lots of laughs and giggles. Next, the children will "shake their sillies out" with some of their favorite musical games. Face painting follows with each child having the chance to choose their own design and chit-chat with Silly Willy. Then, for the grand finale, the children pick their favorite colored balloons to be twisted up into an incredible balloon sculpture for them to take home.

Through his commitment, experience, and expertise Silly Willy the Clown has established a business relationship with his customers that will last a lifetime.

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